If you sell a lot of products then the primary way of displaying this is through your catalogue. These catalogues can be become complex and outdated over time, be it in print or on your website. The purpose of Checkpoint is to bring these catalogues to the digital age and become a real-time focus of your business. Products are beautifully laid out with clear product details and related images, videos and schematics for the customer. Our categories provide an easy way for the customer to navigate and discover what they are looking for

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Hard to find complex products?

Your potential customer wants to find what they need within a few seconds, after this they will leave your website and try another competitor. That’s why a powerful search is very important and Checkpoint has one of the best. With results as you type, to highlighting your search words in the content, it is an amazing experience that you won’t believe until you try it.

The search can also be controlled by the categories and filters in real-time to granularly define what it is you’re looking for.

e-Commerce Manufacturers


No automated orders?

With Checkpoint you’re able to turn your catalogue into an automated sales tool, receiving new orders and payments online. Checkpoint is also able to take quotes for orders to be processed offline and even manage orders using credit management system to ensure they don’t spend more than their account limits.

catalogue order management


Languages and Multi-Zone Billing

Checkpoint has multi-language functionality built in, allowing you to only need to maintain one website for your international markets. Checkpoint also enables you to show different products to different international sectors. We can automatically detect countries and change products and pricing accordingly. This also means we can handle VAT automatically too, this is especially helpful with Brexit around the corner as you’ll be able to handle countries differently as deals are made.

multi language


Not mobile friendly?

The checkpoint catalogue adapts its size to work on all mobile devices, this is especially important when your main customers using old school paper based catalogues as they are more likely to pick up a tablet device to do the same job.

mobile device responsive


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