Checkpoint is an intelligent, customisable E-Commerce platform built to help companies embrace Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

The Checkpoint platform modules include Online Interactive Catalogues, E-Commerce, Order Management, Online Payments, ERP Integration, Product Registration, Returns Management, Customer Support, Asset Management, Business Intelligence and can be integrated with your own custom built software.

Your Digital Gaps

Checkpoint helps to bridge the gaps between the various departments in a company to improve sales, identify inefficiencies and streamline growth. It does this using intelligent data aggregation software to consolidate your data into a centralised cloud-based platform with no changes to your existing systems and absolutely no downtime.

Once your data is in the cloud, we can then integrate other modules and third party services to further improve your processes and gather more insights by feeding it into Google’s Ai engine to extrapolate patterns. We’ve recognised that most of your data will focus on your customers, sales and products, which is the heart of a successful E-Commerce system.

Checkpoint digital

Platform for your future

Checkpoint is built by us and hosted on your very own Cloud Server, therefore it is fully customisable and can be changed to fit your company. If you need a new software module built to optimise a particular process, we can do this cost effectively as we integrate it with the underlying Checkpoint technology. Checkpoint will adapt and grow with you as your company changes. No more being stuck with software that doesn’t fit your needs.

Worried about Brexit?

Checkpoint also enables you to show different products to different international sectors. We can automatically detect countries and change products and pricing accordingly. This means we can handle VAT and import duties automatically too, this is especially helpful with Brexit around the corner as you’ll be able to handle countries differently as deals are made. Checkpoint has multi-language and multi-currency functionality built in, allowing you to only maintain one website for your international markets.

How we manage the process

What makes us special, is that we’re not just a web design company, we’re a software company with expertise in Digital Transformation.

As part of what we do is to discover your digital customer touch points, digital gaps and data silos in your business along with what your future vision, targets and goals are. We then create a digital strategy and roadmap from what we have found and how technology can help you. After this, we then work with you to organise the data to be imported into the checkpoint platform, create Data Connectors with your ERP system and modify the checkpoint platform to suit your needs. We manage the ongoing process, providing peace of mind whilst working with a number of stakeholders and partners to ensure the vision is delivered.

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